Imran R., 46 Jahre, HWS-Schmerzen

My myofacial pain story and the path to recovery:


2.5 years ago, while living in London, I was misdiagnosed multiple times with sinusitis. I was left with no energy, always wondering what it could be and the longer it was not treated the more the pain moved from feeling like sinusitis, tension headaches to a sweaty head that was always hot and literally did to know where it belonged on my neck. Even after a thorough check up through a MRI scan, multiple eye test and blood checks, it still was not clear where my pain stemmed from.


This is when I first heard of trigger point therapy and was recommended to a Canadian therapist, who was an expert in the field, towards the end of 2013.

Even today, I still remember the first time she touched my shoulders, massaged my back, gently pressed certain points on my neck - I would sweat, breathe heavily as she word through all the muscles, feel pain and fear simultaneously and all sorts of other things I can not begin to describe. I was in therapy with her for over a year in the UK and my shoulder, neck and shoulders went from being like steel to feeling like parts of my body again.


In June 2014, I moved to Vienna, Austria. It took a while before I found a great therapist through in Vienna. Since then, I have been in therapy again and have been able to almost reduce my myofacial pain completely. No more hot head, the sinusitis is gone completely and there is the occasional tension headache that is easily dealt with today.

My awareness today is far better and my bodily movements that had been compromised over the years have returned to being almost normal by using trigger point therapy in combination with craniosacral therapy. It goes without saying that trigger point therapy has had a phenomenal impact on my life and I will continue with it until I am 100% free of pain and ensure I have learnt the behaviours I need through this therapy to treat my body and muscles sustainably and for my future health.