Jack M., 68 Jahre, Beschwerden im Rücken und den Beinen

Having suffered from various back and feet issues for years, I am finding relief in regular trigger point therapy sessions over the last three years.  While initially the therapy has addressed my lower back, leg and neck issues, complicated by scoliosis, I continued to have period jabbing pain to my left groin area.  For years no one could provide me with an explanation and after several MRI I was still in the dark.


In establishing more of a presence in Vienna, I found an outstanding therapist through www.triggerpunkt.at.  As soon as I described the groin pain, she diagnosed the problem by viewing the symptoms in context with my skeletal and muscular issues:  The pain resulted from irritation of the adductor magnus and psoas muscles.  Addressing this, the pain has subsided.  More, I am better able to understand the interrelationship between parts of the body, address pain and enjoy a more quality life. 


I am, indeed, grateful to my therapist and to www.triggerpunkt.at for bringing us together.